Alfa Laval adds to aquaculture portfolio

Alfa Laval has acquired LiftUP, a Norwegian provider of waste extraction systems for fish farms.
Located exterior Bergen on the west coast of Norway, LiftUP manufactures, sells and installs pumps and cleaning gear for the removing of dead fish, waste and sludge from open fish cages. pressure gauge compressed waste is saved in tanks that are shipped to a biogas facility, the place it’s transformed to renewable vitality and a high-grade fertilizer.
digital pressure gauge ’s AquaStream pumping system which brings up recent low temperature water with high oxygen levels (from round 25m depth) and creates a perfect sea current, offering conditions much like deep fjords.
LiftUP, which had revenues of NOK75 million in 2020, will now be a part of Alfa Laval’s Pumping Systems business unit inside the Marine Division.
“This acquisition is a valuable addition to our sustainable aquaculture portfolio, expanding our providing of fish farming options that will increase both the productiveness and financial attractiveness of fish farming solutions whereas lowering its impression on the surroundings,” said Sameer Kalra, president of Alfa Laval’s Marine Division.

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