Tencarva Machinery acquires Fischer Process Industries

Tencarva Machinery Company has acquired Fischer Process Industries, a US distributor of pumps, valves and process equipment servicing Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Georgia.
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Headquartered in Loveland, Ohio, with further areas in Alpharetta, Georgia; Owensboro, Kentucky; Marietta, Ohio; and Indianapolis, Indiana, Fischer Process offers full functions engineering functionality and full restore and repair centres for rotating tools and liquid handling equipment in every of its places.
Fischer Process’s existing administration staff, including president Ken Fischer, will remain with the corporate.
Ed Pearce, president of Tencarva, said: “Fischer Process Industries has an extended monitor record of success, a talented management team and robust service capabilities. pressure gauge octa brings the addition of valves to Tencarva’s product line and gives us access to new markets in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio whereas bolstering our presence in Georgia. Fischer Process and Fischer Process-South, which will also be a part of us, are the proper complement to Tencarva’s existing platform, which we plan to proceed expanding through strategic acquisitions.”

“We’re very enthusiastic about our partnership with Tencarva, which permits us to run a larger platform with the good thing about scale as we develop our enterprise,” said Fischer. “Tencarva introduces us to a broader customer and vendor base and enhances our service capabilities in addition to bettering back-office efficiencies.”

Tencarva is a portfolio firm of Bessemer Investors LLC, a New York-based funding firm


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