What role do valves play in plant safety?

The reliability of a valve is essential for the safety of the entire plant. Almost all pressure measuring instruments work in conjunction with a valve or a combination of valves. The choice of a high-quality valve is not only essential to ensure the accuracy of the pressure measurement, but also to prevent dangerous leaks or damage to the plant.
Reliability on overpressure
Needle valve, model IV10
On overpressure, both the operator and the environment must be protected, especially when the pressure is very high.
Therefore, the needle valve, the valve manifold or the monoflange must be designed in such a way that unintentional leakage of components, media or gas is prevented in the event of an increase in pressure (anti-blowout bonnet). The operator is thus protected from injury and the environment is protected from contamination.
digital pressure gauge -valve manifold, model IV20
During operation, the sealing of the valve must remain bubble-tight and maintain its properties over a long period of time.
This is ensured by the tip on the bonnet. Since this does not rotate, the sealing packing does not become worn and its durability is extended. A long leak tightness of the valve is thus guaranteed.
Easy to use
3-valve manifold, model IV30
At high pressure it is even more important that the valve opens and closes smoothly. With a low torsion value, the valve can be operated, even at maximum pressure, without much effort or possible injuries of the operator.
Also, the position of the valve and the flow can be easily controlled and accurately regulated by turning the handle.
All in one
5-valve manifold, model IV51
Having a single supplier for multiple components is undoubtedly a big advantage. Apart from the considerable cost savings, time is also saved. You also have the assurance that you will always receive the same high quality.
It is even more important to purchase a system that has been tested in its entirety by experienced specialists before delivery, so that this aspect doesn’t need to be considered again during installation. In this way, the supplier becomes a true partner who knows the specifics of each plant and always has solutions for the customers’ requirements.
The safety of a plant begins with the reliability of each individual component, including the valves installed in it. The addition of Sami Instruments – now WIKA Instruments Italia – to the group of companies has expanded WIKA’s offering. It now also includes needle valves, valve manifolds and monoflanges that fully meet all of these requirements and are perfect for integration into your measuring instruments. WIKA also offers combined digital pressure gauge with instruments, valves and other accessories (hook-up) that have already been tested in combination and can be installed immediately. In addition, the product range of valves includes ball valves for instrumentation and piping, and also valves and accessories for pressures up to 60,000 psi.
Further information on our valves can be found on the WIKA website.
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